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  • Galactic Satori Wars

  • Essence Series

  • Aura Chronicles

  • Amaranthine Series

Galactic Satori Chronicles Series - 7 books to release in 2024!

The books cover the life of eight highly gifted humans forced into saving humanity from an alien race that plans to destroy all life on Earth. This race believes that in the future humanity will annihilate them. Through advanced technology that includes mental projection into a host being, they send a single member of their race on reconnaissance missions to probe Earth's weaknesses and find a way to destroy them. Asher's girlfriend becomes the first human host of many that pull him into uncovering the truth and getting revenge for her death.

Essence Series - Book 4 is coming!

These books cover the life of one extraordinary human being who finds the universe isn't what he expects. His struggle begins on an alien planet, called Pira, fighting for their survival from creatures called Reptaurans. After the Reptaurans conquer Pira, Earth is next. Troy must find a way to stop them.

Aura Chronicles - Coming soonish!

These books follow the life of one young woman who finds she can control the mystical power of Chi. Born with the gift to channel this ancient force, she struggles to fit in to a world that has no idea it exists. Wynne wants to be normal but when an accident endangers her closest friends, her powers are revealed... and others like her, come after her.

Amaranthine Series - Coming soonish!

These books explain the suspicious history of iconic stars through the years that never seem to grow old until one day they just disappear from the public eye. Amaranthine is the technology that restores youth and vitality but only to the few that survive it. Brent survives and then learns that Earth is doomed from decades of ignoring climate change, and after months of denials, our government reveals a plan to save humanity but only those that survive the Amaranthine process. Mankind is forced to venture into space to find a new home.

Essence Ebook 1 Septima Front Cover
Series 2 - Essence
Book 1 - Septima

Troy, with his irrational fears, is the least likely person to lead a war. But that doesn't mean he can escape his destiny.

A trip to New Orleans turns into something much larger when aliens called the Pirans kidnap him and his friends. A perfect doppelganger for their dead general, Tohmas, Troy is thrust into the front lines of battle against Reptauran invaders. Now, the Pirans must convince their people that Tohmas rose from the dead to lead them to victory.

As it turns out, the Pirans aren’t totally wrong. Tohmas isn't quite gone—and his lingering essence has found Troy a suitable host. Troy must fight with everything he's got to save both Pira and the Earth, the Reptaurans' next likely target. As he struggles to maintain control of his own destiny, Troy knows that no matter the outcome, his life will never be the same.

Explore the mind of this unlikely hero in Essence, the first book in a new sci-fi series by Nick Braker, a coming-of-age tale full of adventure and steamy encounters.

Essence Ebook 2 Alta Front Cover
Series 2 - Essence
Book 2 - Alta

Troy is no longer himself. Kidnapped by the aliens known as Pirans, infected with the essence of the dead General Tohmas, Troy grasps at his only hope of survival. He merges his soul with the alien parasite trying to possess him, leaving him forever changed—and not entirely for the worse. Once plagued by crippling phobias, Troy is now fearless, willing to fight his enemies with his bare hands. But with this new strength also comes a new weakness: women. Tohmas was notorious for his insatiable desires, and Troy finds himself constantly resisting temptation—especially the gorgeous, manipulative Alta. Although Alta has convinced the Pirans she’s helping them prepare to battle the murderous Reptaurens, she’s actually meticulously planning to steal their ultimate power source and then abandon them to their fate. Alta won’t hesitate to kill anyone in her way, and her deep love for Tohmas is Troy’s only advantage. He convinces Alta that Tohmas has taken full control of his being and thus keeps her trust and his life. While Alta schemes, Troy covertly struggles to save the Pirans and prevent the Reptaurens from invading Earth—but first he must wrest back control of his own soul.

Essence Ebook 3 Amber_Front Cover

Series 2 - Essence

Book 3 - Amber

Alta is more diabolical than ever! She wants the Reptauran leader's spaceship to make her escape and she'll stop at nothing to get it, even if it means murdering everyone on Pira and Earth. With her new essence parasite in control of Troy, she has the means to enforce her will on the benevolent people of Pira.

Troy tries to save them as he struggles against Alta's mind-altering control over him. If he fails, Pira and Earth are doomed. With the dead general, Tohmas, now completely a part of him, Troy possesses supernatural abilities to fight the Reptauran invasion but only under Alta's direction.

In this steamy, action-packed conclusion to the Essence series, Troy must free himself from Alta's maniacal control if he is to save Pira, Earth-and himself.

Galactic Satori Wars_Front Cover
Series 1- Galactic Satori Wars
Book 1 - Incursion

Book 1 is the beginning of Asher's story of lost love and the driving force of human passion for revenge. He finds that humanity is not alone in the universe and learns of a plot to destroy it by aliens from another galaxy. Nothing is as it seems and Asher must wade through the lies and numerous deceptions of an enemy that can predict the future. He joins Earth's World Security Organization in the hopes he can find a way to stop an unseen enemy that can take over the minds of anyone it chooses. Can he stop them from destroying the human race or will humanity's existance end by their own hand?

Galactic Satori Wars - Infiltration Front Cover
Series 1
Galactic Satori Wars
Book 2 - Infiltration

The next book in the series moves Asher to a planet light years from Earth where he encounters the beings behind the attack on Earth, beings who closely match humanity except for one thing... they are genetically perfect. Their Queen is ruthless but Asher is no ordinary human and she finds herself drawn to him. Is it real or is the Queen playing Asher for a deeper, more insidious goal?

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