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Nick A Braker


Personality: Jovial and a great listener!

Job: IT Nerd

Foodie Favorite: Breakfast for every meal of the day!

Okay, 2 outta 3 ain't bad.

Some people have described me as: 

* "Breakfast enthusiast and part-time Table Tennis evangelist"
* "The literary equivalent of a caffeinated squirrel with a penchant for ping pong paddles"

* "A nomadic wordsmith who navigates life's plot twists with a trusty spatula in one hand and a paddle in the other"
* "A writerly wizard whose magic wand is a pen, and whose broomstick is a Table Tennis racket"


I think I might be hanging around a bunch 'o Eggheads... 

I discovered a love for writing and my creativity with Role Playing games from my youth and on up into my older years have given me a lot of material ideas for books that I know you'll enjoy. A LOT of ideas.

Oops... looks like I got caught on camera eating at a restaurant in Amsterdam. Notice the breakfast like items... ;)

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